AstroAppPalm 2.14

View your Windows PC or Mac from your Palm

AstroAppPalm, previously known as AstroViewPalm, is the program you use to view a shared computer from a Palm Powered device. Once downloaded unzip and install it onto your handheld via hotsync. After running it you may be prompted to create a new AstroCity username if it believes this is your first time launching the application on your PDA. If not you can create one with the "Create New User..." menuitem found under the "Login" menu. You can then Login to AstroCity by selecting "Login As User..." found under the "Login" menu. After doing so your FriendsList will appear. This is where you can add other AstroCity usernames that you wish to chat with or have control of their desktop. After adding someone as a friend and they are logged in you can highlight their name and click the "Request Control of Desktop" button. After they grant the request you will see the contents of their desktop in the full screen viewer of your Palm device. You can then use the 4 stylus modes as described below to control the remote mouse and navigate around the desktop.

AstroAppPalm allows you to save whatever is currently in the viewer as a picture. This ability is found under the "Image" menu. You can also view a desktop or a saved image in 3 levels of Zoom: Normal (1X), Zoom Double (2X) and Zoom Quadruple (4X). This ability is found under the "Zoom" menu. By default, you can also push the up and down page buttons on the front of your device to zoom in and out respectively. Viewing in Double and Quadruple modes decreases bandwith significantly.

Most likely you will be viewing a remote desktop that is larger than the display on your Palm OS device. Currently AstroAppPalm has 4 ways to view different parts of that larger desktop. You do this by "scrolling" with the stylus.

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AstroAppPalm 2.14

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    This is a useful program, but you have to leave you computer on of course, so maybe it costs you more than an iPod to...   More.